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The West Valley View publishes free obituaries for people who were residents or former residents of the West Valley at the time of their death.


To submit an obituary, fill out the form below. Take note that fields marked with a red star are required. If it is left blank, the form will not be submitted.


The form is submitted only once you are taken to a separate page and given the “successfully submitted” message. If the form returns to the top of this page, you did not fill in all the required fields and the obituary has not yet been submitted.


Free news obituaries must be received by:

10:30 a.m. Tuesday for Wednesday's edition

Free obituaries are edited to conform to newspaper style. Free obituaries include the names of immediate relatives only, not in-laws, spouses of children, nieces/nephews, aunts/uncles or cousins. The listing of predeceased relatives is limited to spouses, children and number of grandchildren. Grandchildren are not listed by name, only number. Hobbies of the deceased are not included, but activities that can be verified (such as club memberships and awards) can be included. Poems and dedications are not included.

If you want an obituary to run exactly as written, or if the deceased was not a current or former West Valley resident, you may place a paid ad obituary through our classified or display advertising department by contacting Lynne Montanus at 623-535-8439 or


Paid ad obituaries must be received by:

3 p.m. Thursday for the upcoming Wednesday edition


We encourage the use of photos with obituaries. Photos will be cropped to a head shot, so they must be of fairly high resolution (at least 200 dpi) if submitted electronically.


Uploading photos: Depending on your browser, you may not have to click the “upload” button to upload a photo. If you select your photo and its file name appears (see example), then it is already successfully uploaded, and you should disregard any error message you receive after clicking the upload button.


For questions about free obituaries, or to verify that an obituary or photo has been received, call 623-535-8439 and ask for Glenn Gullickson or email

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